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Map of Samaria

map of Samaria showing the tribes' inheritances
Which tribes had inheritances in Samaria?

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The map above is a detail of our map (shown in minature on the left) of the entire Land of Israel,
showing all the 12 tribes' locations and the sites mentioned in the Bible.

We have a limited number of these maps, printed out in full color as 11 X 17 inch posters-
an invaluable aid to studying and understanding the Bible, at home or in school!

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On this website we invite you to join us in discussing and experiencing life in the center of Israel... in Biblical Samaria.

Not the Samaria of politicians and news programs- but the Land of the Bible.

The Land whose story is written on parchment...
as well as in the hearts of men and women
who are striving to live the Bible, and fulfill the Commandments.

places we want to talk about: people we want to meet there:
Shechem Jacob, Joseph
Sychar (Askar, Ein Socher) the woman
Samaria (Shomron, Sebastia) Elijah, Ahab, Jezebel
Shiloh Hana, Elkana, Samuel, Saul
Kerith Ravine (Cherith Brook, Nachal Krit) Elijah
Mount Grizim Jotam
Mount Ebal (Mt. Eval) Joshua

map of Samaria

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